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What Can LEGOs Teach Us?

You don’t have to be a young child to enjoy LEGOs. The brightly colored blocks are an irresistible toy. Whether you’re putting together an elaborate building or spaceship, or are deconstructing someone else’s creation, these ubiquitous blocks have brought many of us hours of entertainment. Not only do LEGOs have a long history in the […]

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The Major Pros And Cons To Online Learning- unique

Ever since the entry of online learning, many have questioned its advantages and disadvantages over the more traditional model of classroom based learning. While each format presents its own pros and cons, determining which is more advantageous will depend on the circumstances faced by a student. Online learning may be the better choice for some, […]

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The Future of Classroom Education

What does the future of learning will be? What the future classrooms would be like? Most of us in the field of educational technology are often inundated with these types of questions. Education technology keeps growing with leaps and bounds. Backed by robust advancements and years of innovation, the answers to the above-mentioned questions are […]

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Points to Consider While Choosing the Best School

School is the place where a child’s foundation towards a better and successful life starts. From the very early years until high school graduation, a student will learn a lot from the teachers, guides, mentors, school environment, peer groups, etc. This is the reason why finding the right kind of quality school becomes the most […]

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Podcasting in Your Classroom

Technology has become the norm in classrooms today. Although some of us may be squeamish about this new development in teaching, it is one of those monsters you must tackle if you want to stay in a modern classroom. We all know how the classroom has been affected by the appearance of technology: easy access […]

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