Innovative Ways Of Teaching Math To Children

Innovative Ways Of Teaching Math To Children

Table Of Content

1. Dramatize
2. Use the child’s body
3. Play
4. Stories
5. Allow them to be creative
6. Use different strategies
7. Take advantage of today’s technology
8. Use assessments

Kids are usually intimidated by simply taking a look at mathematical issues.

They say that it is hard before even trying. Obviously, as parents, so you don’t want your son or daughter to feel such a way. Good thing there are already a couple of creative ways to teach this subject. Here are some of the tips on how to help your child perform better at school with innovative approaches, math concepts easily.

Creative Procedures For Teaching Mathematics


It’d have been a smart idea that you invite kids to pretend to be at a ball or box, feeling the corners, faces, borders, also to dramatize arithmetic issues such as 3 frogs jumped from the pond, and then two more, just how many are there in all? Dramatization can greatly help children understand different math concepts.

Use the child’s body

Suggest that kids show how many mouths, feet, and so on. Try asking them to demonstrate their 3 arms, that they respond loudly in demonstration and tell you just how much that they really do have and also reveal it. Also, invite children to show numbers using their fingers


It would be wise for you to engage children in block play which allows them to do math in various ways, including creating symmetric designs, sorting, making patterns, seriating, and so on. Suggest that they pretend to get and sell toys or other smallest objects, learning how to count, understanding currency concepts, and much more.


It is possible to share good mathematics books with children addressing mathematics but are good children stories too. After that, help them see mathematics in different books.

Allow them to be creative

The ideas of children about math must be discussed with the young ones. For instance, imagine using cupcakes or any other delicious food products.

Use different strategies

You must bring mathematics everywhere you go in your classroom, from asking them to clean up a given number to counting them at morning meetings to set the table. Also, use a program that’s research-based in order to integrate a sequenced series of learning tasks to some study program.

Take advantage of today’s technology

Take advantage of today’s technology Consider using digital cameras in order to record the mathematical work of the young ones, in planned activities and in their play. After that, use the images to help discussions and reflections with children, communication with parents, and curriculum planning.

Use assessments

Measure your children’s math learning using assessments. Also, use observations and small-group activities to know about the mathematical thinking of children and to make well-informed decisions regarding what every child may be able to learn from future experiences

Children will learn how to love math with the right strategies. Teachers also play a major role. They need to motivate students and provide direct instructions properly.

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